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Red Cross volunteer

DEAR EDITOR, I wish to register my concern about Red Cross volunteers.

During the final week of April, a Red Cross volunteer came to Gizo and

his actions were not so humanitarian in nature.

He abused the Red Cross office in Gizo by inviting female friends to

drink alcohol and use the office as a private residence.

The action of the volunteer is uncalled for and may cause families to

break up. A Red Cross volunteer is supposed to uphold the aims and

objectives of this reputable organisation.

The action of this person is detrimental to the beliefs of this

reputable organisation.

The Red Cross must recruit volunteers who are trustworthy, honest and

keeps the integrity of the humanitarian organisation.

I call on the General Secretary of the Solomon Islands Red Cross to

investigate the action of this person and do not allow such person to

tarnish the image of your organisation.

Thank You


Belly Koreo