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Hou completes visit to constituency

HON Rick Hou has just come back from his second visit to the constituency in 2017.

In a statement, the South Malaita Constituency Office said that the visit was very successful since all the meetings intended for the visit were convened accordingly.

The statement said that the tour was conducted from April 13 – 26, 2017.

On one of these occasions Hon Rick Hou conducted awareness and orientation workshop for the new constituency zone members.

The workshop was attended by nearly 30 members representing chairman and secretary of the 12 zones in the constituency.

The purpose of the workshop is to familiarise the new members with their roles and to help them understand the function of the Constituency Office.

Not only that but also an opportunity for members to meet, interact and know each other and more especially to meet and talk with the MP as a team.

The SMC Office confirmed that the topics covered during the two days’ workshop include: the 2015 & 2016 Project Delivery Report; the SMC Organisation Structure; the Guidelines to Access Funding; the Small Malaita Infrastructure Development Programme 2010-2035; the 2017 Budget; the 2017 Priority Activities and the 2017 Application Forms. During the workshop, the MP also updated the committee members of the major achievements regarding the Afio Economic Growth Centre and supporting infrastructures.

The members who attended the workshop have learned a lot of new things and they appreciate the current MP for being transparent and for working together with their communities, the statement said.

The CDO reiterated that “we have a very important infrastructure development program in place and therefore the visit was very timely and crucial as we began to implement our 2017 priority projects and activities”.