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Blame game continues over SINU graduation fiasco

THE Solomon Islands National University (SINU) Administration may have lied about the University Council imposing a blanket ban on disclosing what Members of Parliament owe the institution in tuition fees and other charges.

SINU officials told Island Sun on Wednesday that the University Council had banned disclosing any information about what Members of Parliament owe SINU.

“We have the information here but because of the ban by the University Council, we are not at liberty to disclose the details,” one staff member said two days ago.

It is estimated that Members of Parliament owe SINU some $3 million in outstanding tuition fees and other charges. These date back to 2016.

But a furious Council Member had rejected the claim.

“The Council has never met to approve and issue such a ban,” the angry Council member told Island Sun yesterday.

“For goodness sake, that’s public information. The public is entitled to know who owes SINU money in terms of tuition fees and other charges. I cannot imagine why the Council should hide Members of Parliament in this instance,” the Council Member said yesterday on condition of anonymity.

“This blame game business should stop,” he said.

It is understood this was the fallout from the blame game over the April 26 graduation fiasco.

Almost 100 students were forced out from the graduation ceremony because MPs never honored their sponsorship arrangement in paying up their fees.

As a result, some Council members are demanding the acting Vice Chancellor, Basil Marasinghe, step aside.

It is understood the Council would like to see Professor Marasinghe resumes his role as Pro Vice Chancellor Academic.

Meanwhile some 40 applicants have put in bids for the Vice Chancellor’s job.

It is understood a committee would be set up soon to go through the applications in the search of a new Vice Chancellor.

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