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Temotu Vatud expecting major development

MP for Temotu Vatud Constituency Hon Freda Tuki

TEMOTU Vatud Constituency, which covers the outer islands of Temotu province, is expecting major development.

Member of Parliament for the constituency, Hon Freda Tuki Soriocomua made the statement during the Women in Politic Forum which was held in Honiara last week.

She said she is planning to build a township for her constituency during her tenure as Member of Parliament.

Hon Freda explained that the reason is to bring basic services such as education, health, banking and other important services closer to her people.

“Distance from my constituency to Lata which is the Headquarter of Temotu province and Honiara is too far and as a result my people find it difficult to access basic services,” she explained.

Hon Freda also said the geographical location of her constituency and Vanuatu is much closer and that her plan is to establish economic linkage between Vanuatu and her constituency once the township is completed.

“I understand that we have been talking too much about a possible economic linkage between Solomon Islands and Vanuatu for us so I’m talking the initiative to boost this theory,” she said.

Hon Freda said the plan is one among her development plans that are still on the pipeline awaiting funds to implement.

She explained that implementation of the proposed plan will come with huge challenge, however she said she is confident to execute the job.

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