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Flash flood in east Fataleka’s Ruru school

Two double story classrooms at Ruru School

RURU primary and secondary school was flooded after heavy rains last Saturday, in east Fataleka, in Malaita province.

Ruru School principal Wesley Rubea told this paper yesterday that the flooding started in the early hours on Saturday morning from a river nearby when it flooded into the school area and into the classrooms.

Children and women used canoes to paddle around the school compound to collect school equipment and valuable materials.

He said, “The school is located on the plains in east Fataleka where it was easier for floodings to takes place.

“It is so dangerous for school students especially for smaller ones in the primary sector.

“We are also lucky that it was during weekend so no students were in the classrooms.”

Rubea said this is an urgent call for the responsible authority to look seriously on this issue.

He insists that the ministry of education and human resources department seeks funding to relocate the school in a safe place for staffs, families, and school children.

School equipment such as books, stationeries and other valuable things were washed away during the flood.

Staffs with their families had to escape to higher ground for their safety.

He also calls on the provincial ward member and the Member of Parliament for Fataleka regarding their concern towards education in the eastern region in Malaita.

“If we want quality education first we must look on the safety and welfare of our children in our schools.

“Ruru School is the only senior school in East Fataleka that the responsible authorities must consider this issue urgently,” Rubea said.

No casualties have been reported from this flash flood.