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Woodford robot builders proud to represent Solomon Islands

Group photo of Team Woodford with their mentor Rakesh Pandey that will represent Solomon Islands in the United States for a robotic Olympic

THE Woodford International School students bound for the United States are proud to represent the Solomon Islands in the world stage.

The team was put together eight weeks ago, the youngest being 12 years old and the eldest 18 years old, all with vast knowledge in science and technology.

The materials with which the team worked were shipped directly from Japan.

The team are; Nathan the builder, Travis Fuss, 12-year-old programmer for the group, Ryan Prasad, group’s chief Architecture, and Marialena Toya, the only female in the group and who also plays a leading role.

Team captain and Chief Architecture, Mr Ryan Prasad said, “For me growing up, I’ve always been around gadgets and had an excellent reputation for dismantling them, interested in how they work.

“For me, being part of this competition has now opened my mind to reality and that my ambition is not very far away if I work for it.”

Travis Fuss said, “Excitement! The one feeling I am sure I feel, an opportunity to represent Solomon Islands and Woodford International School.”

He said he is not deterred by being the youngest in the group and looks forward to making new friends, learn more in the robotics field and observe how other like-minded tech-geniuses interpret and solve problems.

Nathan the builder said, “I am really honored to be part of this competition with my team.

“Traveling to the US will be a great experience, this would be a great opportunity to represents my school Woodford International in Solomon Islands.

“This would be first time Solomon Islands is being represented in this competition and going to be work with other countries around the world and given that I am 14-year old this will be a great experience.”

Merialena Toya, with a steady and focused look, said she cannot wait for the moment their robot is ready and presented to the world.