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Solomon Islands on world map from global robotics competition

The BOC Country Manager, Mr Nick Rolf as one of major sponsor for Woodford International into the robotic Olympic handing over cheque to Rackesh Pandey Woodford Team Mentor with Acting Head of School Rachel Mackinnon looking-on

WOODFORD International School’s involvement in the global robotics competition in the United States is another chance to highlight the country to the world.

BOC Country Manager, Mr Nick Rolf said the four Woodford students’ participation in the world stage will place the country on the map.

Mr Rolf said it is costly to travel far, to the Washington DC, but it is worth it as its positive ramifications for the country offers much more in return.

“What it going to do, they going to put Solomon Islands on the map as this is international stage, all of a sudden people will understands where geographically Solomon Islands is.

“And if this team does well, and I know they do, and this competition grows bigger and bigger maybe one day they will host it here, generally we need to in it at the beginning.”

The Woodford Acting Head of School, Rachel Mackinnon said, “We don’t know what actually will take but all of these hours going to be worth it to work with other 12 nations never met before, these students here would really had a good grounding with these nations.”

In this robotic Olympic, Solomon Islands through Woodford International will be among participating teams from the rural parts of Latin and South America – Peru, Honduras and Bolivia.

Also nations in Africa, Middle East, industrialised powerhouse of Europe and Asia.

The FIRST Global Challenge is an annual robotics event which addresses grand challenges identified by national engineering academics of the United States, United Kingdom and China.

This year’s theme, “Providing access to clean water” reflects on how water related diseases result in the death of a child approximately every 60 seconds.