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Public transport service in Auki improving and reliable

Alick Raragia one of the transport owners in Auki

AUKI is one of the busiest provincial centres compared to other centres apart from Honiara in terms of public transport services.

In the past transport services in the capital town of Malaita was not good, it was an unreliable service provided due to less number of public transport vehicles.

Speaking on behalf of public transport owners, Alick Raragia said transport owners in Auki will soon form a committee to organise to address issues regarding transport fares for both taxi and bus services.

He said they will either increase the fares or will agree upon a certain and reasonable amount for the public.

At the moment most taxi fares within the auki township boundary is $15-00 while to the outskirts of Auki will depend on distance charges.

Raragia believes that if they conduct such arrangement it will be fair enough for the public in Auki.

“As we compared today from the past, the transportation service in Auki has improved in a way that no matter where you live around Malaita province, the private public transport service will carry you to your destination.

People coming in from Honiara by ships at night, will always have the services available to carry them home whether in the north, east west and south road on Malaita province.

“I thank all transport business owners in Malaita for making life easier through providing transport services in our own province.

“We try to maintain this service as one of the most important services to move things or people from place to place in terms of business and development.

“We will also work closely with the Auki police especially for regular renewal of some of the expired liciences that needs to be renewed, especially for the safety of our people,”he added

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