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Second option ready if Bina Harbour project delays

MINISTER of Fisheries and Marine Resources says there is a second option pending if the proposed Bina Harbour Offshore Fishing Process project continues to delay.

Member of Parliament for East Are’are Hon John Maneniaru said his Ministry is proposing a second option to divert funds meant for the Bina project to other proposed Mini-Cannery sites if work on Bina Harbour continues to delay.

He said three sites have been identified for the establishment of Mini-Cannery Centres and they are Masupa in Malaita province, Tatamba in Isabel Province and Tulagi in Central Province.

Hon Maneniaru told parliament last week that feasibility studies will be conducted as of next month on the proposed Mini-Cannery Project sites.

He said the study will provide a detail technical feasibility (engineering practicalities) of the proposed developments as well as details on high level economic, social and environmental impact assessments.

“Any of the proposed Mini Cannery sites will be a next target to establish onshore Processing Fisheries Centre if Bina Harbour land issue is not fixed according to timeline,” Hon Maneniaru said.

He said the Ministry’s decision was made to ensure national development projects are progressing.

Hon Maneniaru continues to say that works on the proposed trade link of reef fish between Temotu Province and Vanuatu is progressing well.

He said stakeholders have held an important meeting early this month to pull the access together making sure the project comes out fruitful.

Hon Maneniaru said the government ministries together with Temotu Provincial Government have joined forces with respective responsibilities in effort to eventuate the project.