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Nothing new under the sun : Mr Mangalle

Mr Emmanuelle Mangalle

AN outreach was done yesterday at King George Sixth National Secondary school from representatives of the US embassy in Port Moresby.

Their target were senior students and the aim of this outreach is to inform students about information and the prospects of considering the United States as a potential destination to pursue tertiary studies.

Besides the representatives was a local, whom had studied in the states for eight years. He is Emmanuelle Mangalle.

When asked by students about his stay in the states he spoke briefly about his journey and also encouraged students to work hard so that they too can get the same opportunity he got.

Mr Mangalle said that he thought it would be warm when he moved to New York but it wasn’t and told students that this was one of the encounters he had when moving there.

He told students that the United States is the best in the world in terms of the education they provide and that this is not biased.

Mr Mangalle added that people all over the world travel to the states to do their studies.

He encouraged students to work hard and use the internet by means of gaining something productive rather than going on Facebook and Instagram.

Mr Mangalle also told the students that if man has already landed on the moon then nothing is hard for them to achieve.

“Nothing new under the sun. Work hard,” he said.

Mr Mangalle was a form five student from Honiara High school when he left for the states under a private scholarship.

He spent three years in Hawaii to finish senior high school before moving to New York to do his BA (Bachelor of Arts) majoring in Political Science and International Relations at the university of Rochester.

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