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Wednesday, April 12th, 2017


Cabinet Sub-Committees Chairpersons remunerations illegal: Manele

LEADER of the Official Opposition is still firm on his stand that Cabinet Sub-Committees remunerations for Chairpersons are illegal. Hon Jeremiah Manele made the statement again on the floor of Parliament on Monday when contributing on the Sine Die motion moved by Prime Minister Hon Manasseh Sogavare. Cabinet Sub-Committees have been established to pursue government policies and initiatives in certain areas and sectors. “However, sir, in my view the emoluments given to those members of parliament that were appointed as chairmen of the cabinet sub-committees are illegal. “It is myRead More

‘2 wards for Gizo’ gains public support

THE idea to split Gizo into two wards is gaining support from the public. Ex-Police Officer, now Pastor for the Wesleyan Methodist Church in Gizo, Mr Joshua Loko supports Hon John Wale’s move. He adds that MPA Wale is echoing one of the main concerns of the people of Gizo. Pr Loko supports that Gizo rural areas have never seen any form of development or people benefiting from the Provincial Capacity Development Fund (PCDF). He suggests ward one should be Gizo town itself and ward two, Gizo rural, starting fromRead More

Solomon Islands establishes London Mission

SOLOMON Islands has established its Mission in London, United Kingdom. The new Solomon High Commission in London marks a new chapter in the historical relationship between Solomon Islands and the United Kingdom. The London Mission which opened its doors for diplomatic and consular services on Monday April 3, 2017, is the third Solomon Islands diplomatic Mission in Europe which includes Brussels in Belgium and Geneva in Switzerland. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and External Trade has appointed Mr Trevor Unusu, the Assistant Secretary for Europe Desk at the Ministry, asRead More

HCC taskforce plans wheelie bin awareness

A taskforce is on track to give awareness in the Honiara Central Market concerning proper use of the green and yellow wheelie bins. The Honiara City Council through its Market Division and the Honiara Central Market Venders Association will conduct public awareness in the Central Market on segregation of green and solid waste. The awareness programme will start at the market and later spill over to the schools. The taskforce are HCC Market Division, Environment and Health Division, Law Enforcement and Honiara Central Market Venders Association. The Market Master, Mr Jimmy Hanson Riunga said since they have limited resource the taskforce will start slowly by using hailers and demonstration activities while waiting for PA system. “We will continue to performRead More

Solomon Islands classed among least developed Pacific countries

SOLOMON Islands, according to stats quoted by the Leader of the Official Opposition Hon Jeremiah Manele, is one of the only four Least Developed Countries (LDC) in the Pacific. Manele told Parliament that he believes though that it is their (Parliamentarians) overall mission and vision to work towards graduating Solomon Islands being a LDC into a developing country in the next 10 to 15 years. “Sir, there are currently 48 LDCs in the world – 34 from Africa; 9 from Asia; 4 from the Pacific (Solomon Islands, Tuvalu, Kiribati andRead More

Western Province gov’t applauded for inviting SIWA to Gizo

PROVINCIAL member (MPA) for Gizo, ward 11, John Wale has thanked the Western Provincial government for inviting SIWA for the first time to operate in Gizo. “I hope this will solve the water issue here in Gizo Town ones and for all,” said Wale. He also calls on the government to include west Gizo to be supplied by SIWA. He also thanked the Gizo Town Council and the people of Gizo fpr slowly improving the status of Gizo market. “Gizo will never be the same again after the new marketRead More

Parliament Committee statutory functions require enhancement

MEMBERS of Parliamentary Standing Select committees have requested enhancement on assisting their statutory functions. Leader of the Official Opposition and Member of Parliament (MP) for Hograno-Kia-Havulei Hon Jeremiah Manele made the request in his speech contributing to the Sine Die motion moved by Prime Minister Hon Manasseh Sogavare on Monday. “Sir, it is in this light that I would like to suggest that apart from the normal Hansard reports that are produced daily, it would be of great assistance to us members and committees that Hansard on major matters likeRead More

Licence fee included for communication service in W-Province

LICENCE fee for communication service is now SBD $30,000 in Western Province. It was passed under the Western Province Business Licence Amendment regulation for 2017-2018 during the Full Assembly meeting of the province. According to the Minister of Finance and Treasury for Western Province, Hon Lester Saomasi, there has not been a communication service licence under the province over the past years so this is why it is now part of the regulation. MPA for Ward 18 Hon George Solingi Lilo in his view fully agreed with the Minister ofRead More

Parliament passes 10 bills

THE fifth meeting of parliament that ended Monday this week has deliberated and passed 10 bills. Leader of Independent group Dr Derek Sikua thanked the Government and Parliamentary Bills and Legislation Committee for bringing the bills to parliament. Prime Minister Manasseh Sogavare also alluded his words of appreciation, extended by the Leader of Opposition Jeremiah Manele who applauded the bills and legislation committee, and the public accounts committee for a job well done in scrutinising the bills and in raising issues and recommendations for the government to consider. The billsRead More

MPAs call for cooperation and assistance

WESTERN Province Minister of Finance and Treasury is calling for the cooperation and assistance of all their MPAs to ensure that revenue related ordinances are effectively implemented and monitored on behalf of the government. This was after the province passed its business license amendment ordinance regulation for 2017 at its Full Assembly meeting last month. “I am quite serious about these ordinances because it took our time and effort to work on them,” said the minister Hon Lester Saomasi. “If they are just stored somewhere and ignored with nobody implementing them then that is a mockery to this government house. “This is why added effort needs to be done and IRead More