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Counsels to file closing submission on Auki murder

DEPUTY Chief Magistrate Sheppard Lapo has made orders for all counsels representing men charged with murder to file their closing submission by May 3.

The court was told yesterday that all counsels are yet to file their closing submission on the case.

Magistrate Lapo said the case has pending committal to the High Court for trial since a long form preliminary inquiry was conducted on the case.

Three other defence lawyers did not appear in court to update the court on the status of their submission and the case has again adjourned to May 4.

Robert Jeeney Ete, Luciano Laukasi, Bernard Lagate’e and Milton Maelikini are each charged with one count of murder.

The prosecution alleged that the incident occurred between August 17 and August 18, 2015 at the Sea Sound area, Gwaunaru’u.

Allegation said the deceased’s body was found near the Bmobile tower at Auki.

Mr Kesaka is representing Ete, Fugui represents Laukasi while Public Solicitor’s Lawyer Henry Kausimae and Ben Alasia represent Lagate’e and Maelikini.

Public Prosecutor Bradley Dalipanda is prosecuting.

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