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SICCI & SME hold open day

Members of SICCI displaying their products

YESTERDAY SICCI (Solomon Islands Chamber of Commerce and Industry) and SME (Small and Medium Business Enterprises) held an open day programme at the National Museum in collaboration with SISBEC (Solomon Islands Small Business Enterprise Centre).

The programme’s objective is to promote entrepreneurship and small business developments among various sectors of the country.

It also aims to bring together key stakeholders who share common business interests on a platform in which they can learn from each other.

A good number of small and medium business enterprises booths were at the open day event.

They include Young Enterprises Component (YEC) from Youth@Work, Civil Society Organization, POB, (Pan Oceanic Bank), Kokonut Pacific and SIWIBA (Solomon Islands Women in Business Association).

Speaking to the paper, group leader of Young Enterprises Component, (YEC) Mr Collin Albert said that YEC is one of two components of the Youth@ Work programme. The other component is internship.

Mr Albert said that YEC recruits young people whether they are drop outs, graduates or those who are business minded.

Young Entrepreneurs Component (Y.E.C) booth

Live and Learn booth

He added that after recruitment they are given basic business training and once having successfully completed that training they are then at the bridge of utilising any small business ideas they developed over the course of their training.

Mr Albert said that once the students receive approval for their ideas, Youth@Work which is funded by SPC, South Pacific Commission will provide them funding in terms of supplies and materials.

He also stated that there are two phases of training in which the first begins from Feb to June and the second from July to


Mr Albert mentioned that the total number of students per phase is thirty but the total number of enrolled student successfully complete their training and graduate.

On another note, besides the refreshing view of several outdoor booth displays representing various small and medium business enterprises, an indoor related component of the programme also proceeded.

P.O.B (Pan Oceanic Bank) booth

This part of the programme consists of key stake holders delivered their presentations.

They included speakers representing different sectors of business namely; Mr Chris Elphick of Pacific, Ms Kathy Nori of Nofokava Construction Ltd, President of SIWIBA, (Solomon Islands Women in Business Association) Ms Dalcy Tekulu, Board Secretary and Board member of SIWIBA Ms Pamela Zoleveke and Ms Ethel Saelea, intern of Youth@Work Mr Tyson Nare and Young entrepreneur Ms Milicent Barty of Milicent Design.

The presentations were followed by a SME Policy and Guarantee Scheme presentation, student’s speech competition, Youth@Work talk from its Deputy Director, SISBEC presentation, launch of SICCI’s new website and closed with entertainment.