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Nine departments undertaking capital development projects in West

A total of nine Departments are undertaking Capital Development Projects in Western Province.

Three out of these received about 73 percent of the total allocations and they are Education and Human Resources with $5,655,162, Administration with $4,199,756, Transport and Public Utilities 2,124,046. Chairman of the Public Account Committee (PAC) Hon Jenas Chedi says the remaining six Divisions received 27 percent and they are health and Rural Water Supply with $1,700,000, Fisheries $1,365,560, General Investments $1,066,397, State and Church affairs $1,000,000, Agriculture $170,934, Finance and Treasury $100,000.

“There are a total of 39 current projects and 18 are ongoing projects.

“Ongoing projects should be limited as much as possible to enable establishment of more new projects,” said Hon Chedi.

He explained that the recruitment to technical expertise in the Planning and Works Division is a possible solution to address this issue.

The Committee inserted in the report maters of concern.

He further stated that these are derived from the previous consecutive recommendation which were not positively addressed by the Executive Government.

He said the government disregards these recommendations because PAC has no teeth to bite.

However, we have performed our duties which were entrusted to us and that is to assist the executive government to perform transparently, efficiently and to be accountable.

He said “this financial year, 2017/2018 the Committee also made recommendations, hopefully to assist them and the government to meet their 3 Year Development Policies.”

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