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Kirakira registered nurses get upgrade

Kirakira Hospitals’ Dr. Grace Rara giving her presentation on the causes of puerperal Sepsis and elampsia…Pictures by Taromane Martin

KIRAKIRA Hospital in Makira Ulawa Province is taking a step forward in improving the performance of its registered nurses in the province.

Provincial Director for Nursing, John Selwyn Harara told this paper yesterday there was a need to help continue uprise registered nurses skills and training in order to provide effective medical services in surrounding communities.

“It is called a nurses refreshers workshop and is designed for the improving and addressing the needs of our registered nurses.

“The main aim is to help them up-rise their skills, knowledge and even influence them in how they will provide effective services to people in the communities,” Mr Harara explained.

He said the workshop is a first of its kind for the province having being designed locally especially for registered nurses.

“Most of the workshop that were held here are different having been designed and driven straight from our headquarters in Honiara.

“This workshop is different from the others because it is a locally owned workshop. Agendas and topics presented here are chosen by the Kirakira nurses training department.

“The training unit saw that there was a need for nurses here to know what areas they need to improve on in order to provide effective services here in the province.

“The target group of this workshop are registered nurses. Nurse Aides will also have a similar workshop but theirs will be designed for their levels”.

Some of the agendas discussed yesterday include, reproductive health with topics on counselling tips, screening, follow up, vasectomy, other family planning methods and RH indicator reporting plus using the FP box recording and reporting.

“We also covered other agendas on maternal care with topics based on antenatal care, purpose, and visits and, the scheduling by GA for time referral,” Harara said.

“We also covered agendas on maternal issue or postnatal, the causes and management of Haematoma and the causes and management of PPH.

“Topics on maternal issues such as the causes and management of puerperal sepsis and eclampsia were discussed and finally topics on the maternal management of fluids with topics on the type of fluids and the flow rate of fluids in the boy,” he said.

The nurses refreshers workshop ends this Friday.

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