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Domestic violence awareness programmes effective in Malaita

DOM domestic violence facilitator Mrs Anne Mata

THE Anglican diocese of Malaita (DOM) Domestic Violence Awareness team almost covers the central and the Keava region Anglican communities in Malaita province through preaching and addressing the domestic violence issues in the communities.

Speaking on behalf of the domestic violence mission team, DOM mission secretary Leslie Filiomea said, “we have started our campaign in February last month through organising a three days of domestic violence and representatives from all religious orders of the Anglican church in the Anglican diocese of Malaita.

“The response shows to us that the church will be trying to address this issue of domestic violence through all Anglican communities within the Diocese.

“This does not mean that other communities from the other denominations will be left out but we will accept any request from any of those communities.

DOM mission secretary Leslie Filiomea during one of their awareness programmes in the Keava region

“We have done awareness programmes in central and Keava region in malaita so far.

“We have received some positive feed backs from most communities within the two regions that changes have been taken place in their communities.

“That is what we want to hear from our people in our communities to change from negative attitudes to positive.

“We thanked the OXFAM for making this programme possible through the Anglican Church of Melanesia (ACOM) towards addressing the domestic violence issue in our local communities.”

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