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Gov’t questioned over allowing more mining investors

RESOURCE owners of Isabel province have questioned the government as to why it continues to allow new mining companies into the country.

Speaking to this paper a concerned resource owner who wants his name withheld said the government has failed to regulate investors and monitor those who are interested in the country’s minerals.

He said resource owners have been stunned with number of mining investors placing their interest in the country’s mineral deposits.

The source said the inclusion of new investors have put the economy of the country at stake as there are possible social barriers expected among resource owners.

He stressed that too many investors will harm the once peaceful relationship between resources as opportunities to bribery are high and this will risk the progress of implementing the mineral deposit of the country.

“We have Sumitomo and Axiom Mining already contesting legal right over tenements in our province, but now we have another investor-a mining company called Shine Shine Mining Company seeking our resource owner’s signatures.

“This is not right and it will definitely trigger social barriers among resources owners and also our ordinary people.

“We have had enough and it is time for the government through the Ministry of Mines and Energy to stop issuing any business license to new mining investors,” the source said.

The source said resource owners of Isabel Province are confused and that the government must do something to properly regulate and monitor mining companies interested to invest in Solomon Islands.

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