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PAP supports resource owners’ efforts to exploit minerals

THE People’s Alliance Party says it supports efforts by mineral resource owners who want to invest on their resources.

The Alliance Party says in a media statement that as a partner in the Democratic Coalition for Change Government, it will support efforts by resource owners and their provincial governments to have their mineral resources developed.

But the party says all resource owners and their provincial governments must secure genuine investors as partners to prospect any minerals found on their lands.

The PAP media statement says the Ministry of Mines, Energy and Rural Electrification should not grant prospecting licences to applicants who have not received the full support of mineral resource owners and their provincial governments.

And it adds resource owners, provincial governments and investors must understand mining and mineral regulations, the impacts mining operations will have on the people, the soil and of course what are the likely benefits they are to derive.

The media statement says the underpinnings are resource owners must receive the maximum benefits from their resources and earnings from mining operations could improve Solomon Islands current ailing economy.