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Concerns over monetary adoption

Hon Dr Derek Sikua

Hon Dr Derek Sikua

THE Leader of the Independent Group, Hon Dr. Derek Sikua has raised concerns over the issue of children being sold as a way of being put up for adoption in the country.

Hon Dr. Sikua is a member of the Bills and Legislation Committee (BLC) which has held enquiries into three (3) Bills endorsed and put on notice by the Speaker of Parliament Ajilon Nasiu.

One of the Bills Sikua raised his concerns over was the Adoption (Amendment) Bill 2016.

He raised this concern backed up by other members of the BLC last week.

According to the BLC, this has been an issue many have talked and cursed over being inhumane.

Sikua told the witnesses from the Ministry of Justice and Legal Affairs that it sickens him to even raise the query and that he would only be satisfied if there were provisions in the current Adoption Act that penalizes such behaviour and ways to aid parents avoid such monetary desperation.

Legal Policy Advisor of the Ministry of Justice and Legal Affairs, Pamela Wilde told the BLC that according to Section 23 of the current Adoption Act, such actions are dubbed unlawful and is a criminal offence and remains untouched in the provision (Amendment).

The Bills and Legislation Committee appeared to be satisfied with the comprehensive statements and clarifications made by Pamela Wilde with the assistance and presence of the Legal Drafts Lady of the Attorney General Chambers.