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5 million spent on Guam Pacific Art Festival

Solomon Islands opens the main stage in Guam

THE Government through the Ministry of Culture and Tourism budget had spent $5 million to foot the expense of contingents to the 12th Pacific Arts Festival held in Guam this year.

The Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism Mr Andrew Nihopara told the Public Accounts Committee during their meeting at the Parliament this year.

He said the money was from the Tourism Development programmes and it was used to help the country learn from other neighbouring countries how to tap existing opportunities and at the same time showcase and also promoting our culture and tradition to the outside world.

“It is important to note that 5million budget of the Ministry this year has been allocated towards the country’s participation during the 12th Pacific Art Festival in Guam,” Mr Nihopara said during the meeting.

The country sent a total of 170 Arts and Cultural practitioners to represent the country during the festival.

Before their departure, Minister of Tourism and Culture, Bartholomew Parapolo said the main purpose for sending the contingent to Guam is to ensure that the Pacific and world know about the Solomon Islands as a tourist destination that is rich with diversity of culture and artistic people.

Solomon Islands took part in Artists performance through Music, Song and Dance during the two weeks of cultural celebration.

They represented the diversity of our traditional dances and both contemporary and modern musical creativity.

The 13th Pacific Arts festival is scheduled for 2020 and will be held in Hawaii.