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Jewellery-makers eye tourism in 2023 SPG

Elderly women making shell money

Elderly women making shell money

LOCAL artist and jewellery makers in Honiara are eyeing tourists attending the 2023 South Pacific Games to showcase and market their handicrafts and arts.

The local artist and jewellery-makers in Solomon Islands is preparing towards the 2023 South Pacific Games which will be hosted by Solomon Islands – where they hope to sell their arts and handicrafts to international visitors.

The artist association and market vendors highlighted they are working on setting a strategy and network to maintain their knowledge and skills gained from a jewellery workshop held recently which they ascertain will boost marketing locally.

Mr John Perry, a local jewellery-maker of the Honiara City Market Vendors, said they are looking forward for the event, and it is a normal practice for any event taking place, for everyone to make preparations in advance.

He said to them as jewellery-makers and artists, such event is one-time important opportunity to showcase the nation’s traditions and identities through arts and handicrafts which then will benefit individuals and nation as a whole.

Since the country is preparing towards 2023 South Pacific Games, Mr Perry said more tourists will flood into Solomon Islands, and they will run-out of jewelleries which is best for them to make preparations starting now.

“We will starts making more jewellery since we have acquired more knowledge and skills which I believe we’ll corporate and catch-up with high demands of tourist into our country,” Mr Perry said.

On the other hand, Mrs Monta Auga, a jewellery-maker in Auki said, they will work on setting a network, and try to liaise with Honiara based artist association.

“I think it is the only avenue where we will work together in preparation for whoever comes into the country during that time, and showcase art and handicrafts,” Mrs Auga said.

She said setting this networking and strategies in place in crucial for their artist community in Solomon Islands with support from government.

With that, they are calling on the government to support their artist community, saying artists have also contributed a lot towards promoting tourism and nation-building.

Currently, Solomon Islands Artist Association in collaboration with other artist sectors in the country have graduated 40 jewellery-makers, and most of them are women.

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