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Dreams can come true: Blanco

BLANCO DOES’NT  believe he was born to be a professional musician. All he had was a simple dream, and he had to work hard to get there.

And that dream, he said, was music.

“Music brings harmony, peace, love, the oneness and can be anything different from loneliness,” said the 26-year-old local musician who is of Rennell-Bellona and Isabel provinces.

His full name Blanco Augikitasi Tuhaika, famously known just as Blanco, is a rising music star with exclusive hit singles as far back as 2006.

He is currently building his fan-base in Australia with frequent travels over the past year.

“It’s amazing and quiet a long story,” he said of his music life.

He simplified his journey with a quote from reggae legend Bob Marley “None but ourselves can free our minds”.

Blanco spoke softly.

“My dream is to become a famous musician in the future and to collaborate with other local and International musicians around the world with different types of music that can be imagined,” he said.

“I love reggae, rock, island beat, and easy listening music, Caribbean and others which draws me close to create my own style of music today.”

He said the life he went through way back during his childhood days were hard; his parents separated when he was five and the challenges after that were difficult.

“I was so fortunate to seek good advices from my aunties, uncles and other older people who always encourage me to become a somebody in the future,” he recalled.

“This is my story.”

He lived with his mother at White River, West Honiara, then and his mum encouraged him to attend school and church activities.

He attended Tamlan Primary School in Honiara in 1999 to 2000 and continued from 2001 to 2003 at White River Community High School.

He later went on to attend Seventh Day Adventist Church school Jones Adventist College, a boarding school remotely located at North Vella in the Western Province, an attendance the singer felt very fortunate about.

“It was spiritual and physical, I learn something good at [Jones Adventist College (JAC)] after completing my education there which totally changed my life attitude.

“When I returned from JAC I saw changes taking place and my family were always happy with me.”

He said after school, he started to write songs which he practiced almost every day.

“I have plenty of feedbacks from my friends and family members who advised me to try my first voice in a recording studio.

“Growing up in a small town, influenced by my neighborhood boys, I started to realize that things will never be the same again.”

His first breakthrough came when he teamed up with reggae superstar Jah Boy who was also an amateur then, with their hit single ‘Murderer’.

The song was collaborated with Rikayz, who was then better known as the lead singer of reggae band Solkis.

“Jah Boy kept encouraging me to continue with the good writing of songs,” he recalled.

He said the success of ‘Murderer’s’ release had inspired him to move on.

In 2011 with the help of Jah Boy’s music label Rebellinc. Blanco toured alongside Jah Boy in Australia.

That’s when things got even better for Blanco.

He said in Australia he met other international artists like Collie Buddz, Forty Fa and many rap singers, and even featured in a music video with some of the big names in Australia.

His wildest dream was fulfilled when he got the priceless opportunity to sing alongside international superstar Collie Buddz at a live concert.

“It was a very exciting day for me to meet my icon Collie Buddz and together we sang on stage live with one of his best single ‘Come Around’.”

He said fulfilling his dream to meet the world-famous musician was a lifetime experience.

Turning to a more serious tone, Blanco said the benefits of music can bring people together to share ideas and discuss issues, especially on drugs.

He said most of his singles are based on young people, their involvements and their interests.

At present Blanco is working on producing other singles for release next year if, a feat he says would require him to earn enough money.

Today you can hear Blanco’s singles played in local FM station in Honiara and other music devises.

Blanco encourages young singers stay away from drugs and chase their dreams.

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