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Cancelled launching upsets association

Display of Art and Crafts at the Art Gallery

THE Artist Association in Honiara are disappointed that a social entertainment programme has caused their exhibition’s official launching to be cancelled.

Their one-month exhibition should have started with an official launching on April 8, continuing on to April 30.

SIAA President, Mr Bannie Ronnie and this exhibition show is highly regarded in the artist industry of the country, and they are offended that a free-style dance competition should take priority over it.

Mr Ronnie blames the cancellation on the misunderstanding between the Museum and the National Art Gallery management.

He says that the cancelled launching will have repercussions on the art/craft industry, and that they had already done online promotion earlier.

“Museum should not have any programme at the Art Gallery, there a people to see what programme on the ground, and what nature of activities is because this place supposes to be culture and artistic should happen here,” he said.

Mr Ronnie urges the Ministry of Culture and Tourism to make sure that such misgivings do not happen again in the future.

“Tourism Ministry should look at this level seriously because Artist in Solomon Islands highly contribute to country’s revenue, and we don’t need any programme happen at Art Gallery,” Mr Ronnie said.