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Young Kurukuru trial squad named

OFC Futsal U-17 qualifiers October

Florence Young School’s Junior Lea’alafa controls the ball on the outside of his boot as Lunga CHS man of the match closes in

THE Solomon Islands Sports Coalition (SISC) has released a 59 man training squad for the country’s national U-17 futsal team.

SISC who have been endorsed by the Solomon Islands Football Federation (SIFF) to do the selections through a partnership, released the names of the players yesterday at the Multipurpose Hall.

“Only ten players will be selected for the final squad,” SISC Chairman Pastor Nacaneili Seru said.

“From 15 players we will trim it down to 13 before picking out the final 10 players that will represent Solomon Islands in the upcoming OFC U-17 qualifiers in Auckland in October.

“The winner will then represent Oceania at the 2018 Youth Summer Olympics which will be held in Argentina,” he said.

All of the selected 59 players were selected from the 2017 Bulk Shop U-16 School Futsal League which is run by the SISC.

As part of the endorsement, SISC who has been sending junior futsal teams to represent the country at the Australian National Futsal Championships, will also be selecting players for three junior futsal squads for next year’s competition.

“Next year we will send three junior teams to Australia for the championships. We will do the selections from the current U-10, U-12 and U-14 futsal leagues that are happening every Saturdays at the Woodford International School grounds.

“On behalf of SISC and the SALT boys, thank you SIFF for giving us the endorsement and we look forward to working together to continue the development of futsal in the country,” Pr Seru said.

The selected 15 players for the Junior Kurukuru futsal team are:

School Players name
Norman Palmer James Edward (GK)
Justin Alabae
Bobby Mesa
Ronald Sinala
Steven Idu
Tuvaruhu CHS Junior Mata (GK)
Marlesha Lea
St Nicholas Alex Bale (GK)
John Douglas
Bishop Epalle Aiden (GK)
Junior Ale
White River Kalvin M
Benjamin Mana
Leon Kofana
Brian Terry
Junior Usua
Philip Maekeni
Junior Merapa
Naha CHS Jesper Natai
Olaga Uasi
Mt Horeb Eddie Kafo
Nelson Sare
Junior Ramoni
Coronation Micah M
Jeremy Faisi
Chris Manu
Marara CHS Alex Mae
Peter Lone (GK)
Harvest Kingdom Calvin Do’oro
Caleb Kori
Lester Tafo
Lunga CHS Willie Taha
Jarvin W
Florence Young Junior Lea’alafa
Roger N
St John CHS John Wasike
clement Moses
Ale Martin
Mbokona Kenneth Wale
Enock Poloso
Lawrence Motuna
Mercy Peter Baero
Mbua Valley Franster Rukumana
Carlos Liomasa
Kim Whetney (GK)
Junior Kalola
Koloale Steven Bunabo (GK)
Raphael Leai
Henry Siofa
Travis Sau
Sammy Laui
Charlie Manedika


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