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Still happy, though never been to Honiara

The mixed thoughts upon someone you come across in life that has never been to a place you think they should at least reach…..

Mr Stapley Siops despite has never been to Honiara is content in life. PHOTO by MANEBONA BARNABAS

HONIARA is an attractive place to most Solomon Islanders. Well it’s an urban centre of cause.

Many from rural places in the provinces are always excited to reach this destination which they always do.

It is a destination for dreams, aims, purposes and opportunities, an exciting and at the same time a scary place to dwell within.

Whilst this is a normal case in this modern era as one would think, it is sad in thought when you look into the eyes of other people who have never been to Honiara. The thought can give surprise and raise many questions that need explanations.

It can give very mixed up impressions from someone who grew up in his or her life in Honiara.

This is a fact that there are still others and many might have just recently passed away who have never been to the capital city of Solomon Islands. Maybe common in all countries but such thought is sad.

One wants’ what is best for another as well thinking that everyone should experience the same things in this world together purposely to be happy and satisfied.

But such thought is wrong too as a great understanding was learnt from a Solomon Islands humble citizen by the name of Mr Stapley Siops who hails from Sambora Village on South Vella La Vella in Western Province.

Like many other citizens to this present, Mr Siops now at the age of 35 has never been to Honiara. Still, he is very happy in life.

For him, he also once had dreams of reaching Honiara purposely to search for job opportunities but he never travelled to the urban centre of the unexpected for many reasons. Fear is one of them.

Now such dream according to Mr Siops will never come to reality because he said he is already content living in his home province and age is also catching up on him.

Mr Siops all through his life has only explored and enjoyed throughout within the areas along the beautiful Marovo, Roviana and Vonavona lagoons and has never step foot outside of his province.

“For a short period throughout the past years I was a bit sad to have never been to Honiara because I also have my aims in life,” Mr Siops said.

But that does not matter anymore as I am still very happy to be living and exploring the developments within our own province which is enough for me,” he said.

In the education level, Mr Siops only reached grade 4 at Vonunu Primary School but like any other well educated person, Mr Siops is fluent in reading and writing as well.

He is currently the Newspaper Salesman for Island Sun Gizo in Gizo Town. If walking past the Chacha Building, one would see Mr Siops daily sitting in front of the first floor FC Chinese shop selling Island Sun Newspapers.

Though he still has other dreams yet to seek for other job opportunities at industries within the province, Mr Siops is enjoying his current job.

“To this present, I only imagine the look of Honiara,” said Mr Siops.

“When friends and family members tell stories about the capital city, I only sit quietly and listen to them being surprised most of the time when hearing descriptions of developments,” he said.

When asked if he would like to make a Christmas trip to Honiara this year Mr Siops gave a long pause before he smilingly replied “thanks’, but forget about it” which gave a sad feeling.

This is because of the thought, everyone deserves to reach and explore such places as well, and for whatever reason it is their own purposes, in Mr Siops case, the capital city of the country.