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Sacrificial mother

Barbara Gatu while in New Zealand

LEAVING three children behind and joining the seasonal workers programme to work for money is challenging for thirty-year-old mother Babra Gatu.

Babra Gatu is one of the many Solomon Islands women who were part of the New Zealand Seasonal workers programme.

In an interview with Island Sun, she said adjusting herself to work in a different country with different culture and environment is challenging and tough for a woman like her.

But through commitment, obedience and teamwork, she managed to overcome the challenges faced.

“My interests to join the seasonal workers programme was from stories I heard from women who already been in that program saying they got good money from picking fruit in New Zealand.

“That news really pushes me to be part of the seasonal workers,” Ms Gatu said.

She said she joined those who picked blueberries.

“My first weeks of work were tiring but as days and weeks past I managed to cope with the early morning wakeups and late evening dinner.

“Missing my kids was also another I could ever imagine when I’m away from them but I had to face it because I care about my children’s future,” Ms Gatu said.

Solomon Islanders picking berries in New Zealand farm

When asked whether she sent money for her children while working, she said yes she sent money every fortnight to support her children while she was away.

She also said if workers budget well for their use when return it is good money.

“I went to New Zealand under the Seasonal workers program twice and that really help me out to start my small business that is up and running today,” Ms Gatu said.

She said she also build her own house from the work she did and paid her children’s school fees.

Ms Gatu also said working under the Seasonal workers programme is good and yes it is good money.

She also called on other women who are thinking to join the programme to go for it and try seasonal worker’s scheme it is worth an enjoying experience.