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New Fiji-Indian restaurant in Town

Two staff of Spice Restaurant and Bar standing in front the restaurant

FOR those curious for a spicy taste, a new restaurant and Bar with a taste for Fiji-Indian traditional cuisine was opened along the Kukum Highway.

The new eatery located at the Kukum high way, opposite the former Aloha Nightclub is called the Spice Restaurant and Bar, and was opened in December 20th last year.

It is owned by an Indian-Solomon Islands Citizen.

Walk in the restaurant and bar and you will be inspired by its shimmering vanished walls built from off-cut timbers, and by the space allowing those who are keen to test out the bar a perfect view of the passing boats which is complimented by the sounds of the crushing sea.

The Spice Restaurant and Bar primary food line focuses on traditional Fiji Indian curry and other spice ingredients which comes in a set of prices that is affordable for everyone—high and low income earners, both foreigners and locals.

Since its few months of operation, the restaurant so far is slowly attracting customers, and some individuals have been enjoying the services of a unique fine-dining take on the Fiji Indian traditional cuisine.

Mr Kavineshwar Dutt, one of the owners said the establishment is different from other existing Indian cuisines in the country as its ingredients are traditional Fiji Indian food—traditional Indian chicken, fish curry etc, but all of them are spicy and different from Tajmahal in the Solomon Islands.

He said the restaurant itself is covered in a natural look and was built with the help of local builders.

“While everybody goes for modern structure with concrete walls that is painted, we try as much to give it a natural look.

Mr Dutt said it goes with everything as they want a classic service in a way that they don’t classify the place for only the rich or VIP members, as it is open to everybody.

“We got some set rules whereby all customers have an equal opportunity to enjoy the place where it is comfortable and conducive,” Dutt said.

“One particular thing we want is if you come in here, dress properly and uphold cleanliness, once you enter our door to enjoy our services, maintain a good behavior so that we look after you properly,” Mr Dutt said.

Starting the restaurant and bar was a long time dream for Sajieta Sharma, an Indian raise in the Solomon Islands and Kapil Sharma her husband along with Kavineshwar Dutt.

Their primary business was on construction, and it has been an active four years in the Solomon Islands.

Over the years, they have been going around places in Honiara to eat food and found there a many good place like Chinese and local but one thing lucking was Indian cuisine— like traditional ingredients from India though Tajmahal here.

Having that mind set they were inspired to have that restaurant.

Opening hours are from 11am to 11pm 7 days a week, but can be extended on special occasions.

In the mean time, they have specials coming up for Valentine’s Day.