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Hon Mewa criticised for comment in Parliament

MEMBER of Parliament for Temotu Nende has come under heavy criticism for his comment made in Parliament.

Commenting on the reserve seat for women known as Temporary Special Measures (TSM) Agenda during the Sine Die Motion last week, Hon Cominis Mewa said women are meant to take care of homes looking after family affairs.

“I still believe that women are ordained to take responsibility with home affairs. Only a woman can turn a building into a home. That is the reality.

“Women are meant to look after our kids, prepare foods and also do all the laundry in our homes. Least women must not forget their roles,” he said.

Hon Mewa said women must enter parliament through channel and procedures undertaken by men candidates.

When directed to apologise for his comments, he said he don’t have to apologise for his comment.

Responding to Hon Mewa’s comment, a concerned voter of Temotu Province, Mr Henry Hero said Hon Mewa’s comments are a total mockery and brings shame to the people of Temotu Nende constituency.

He adds that Hon Mewa’s comments are contradicting the United Nations Convention on Women’s right for equal participation in all levels of work including role as Member of Parliament.

“It is sad to hear a National Leader making such a mocking, shameful and very low standard statement in Parliament.

“Such comments are not welcoming in Solomon Islands Society where lots of works have been made to make sure fair representation in Parliament,” Mr Hero said.

He said God created women and men with respective roles and responsibilities.

Mr Hero adds that each and every human being both men and women has already earmarked with responsibilities to serve while on earth.

He continues that legislations have declared in the country that both women and men are eligible to represent their people in Parliament.

He call on Hon Mewa to think again or otherwise apologise to the women of Solomon Islands.