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Set our MP free: Aba

A concerned voter of Baegu/Asifola constituency has called on responsible authorities to free their member of parliament under the Members of Parliament Immunity action made by the Prime Minister.

Mr Daniel Aba made the call in response to reports which states that there will be no arrest of politicians until 17th December next year with sources citing political instability as the reason for delaying police action.

The decision was made under the prerogative right of the Prime Minister.

“If this immunity is given, then we want our Member of Parliament to be set free so that services allocated for our constituency can continue,” he said.

Mr Aba said livelihood services for Baegu/Asifola has been suspended following the arrest of their Member of Parliament causing much difficulties for people to access some important services.

He questioned whether the Immunity Decision could discharge the court order that has been put in place banning their Member of Parliament from visiting his constituency.

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