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GTC urge Gizo public to be responsible for wastes

GIZO Town Council workers have urged residents and visitors to Gizo town to be responsible when it comes to waste disposal in Gizo Town.

A spokesperson from the GTC said people should be mindful and take ownership to help GTC clean the town.

“Most of the venders at the main Gizo market have carelessly thrown all their rubbishes at the wrong places, but we need their helping hand through working together and partnership to clean all our wastes at the main market.

“We cannot meet the right criteria for keeping Gizo town clean but we need your helping hand and support to clean our town,” he added.

“We must be responsible and take ownership of our township. Therefore we call on the general public to help us keep our township neat and tidy,” said the workers.

They said that they are slowly improving the outlook of the Gizo market and outside Gizo town with help of the new rubbish compactor truck.

The truck is funded under the Ministry of Culture and Tourism by the Western Province Department of Tourism.