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CBSI calls on public to report fake notes immediately

THE Central Bank of Solomon Islands (CBSI) is calling on the general public to immediately report fake money found circulating in the public.

The Bank made the statement following reports that there are fake hundred dollar notes found here in Honiara early this month by a Mr Kevin Wanesiofa who reported the matter to this paper.

He said he identified the hundred dollar note, but hardly recognised that the money was fake after an unknown person bought goods from him during a fund-raising held recently.

Mr Wanesiofa said he realised the note was fake when he counted the fundraising intake the following day.

“There were three separate $100 notes with the exact features of the real $100 note that I found.

“It’s quite hard to identify the notes if you never thought of going through the notes when somebody used them.

“As I said, all the features of the real $100 note were seen in the fake notes. Even the material used to print the note is quite similar to the real material of the real one except for the fading materials and some of the important features of the note which are omitted in the fake note,” he said.

Mr Wanesiofa said the three hundred dollar fake notes are with him and he will dispose it since they are worthless.

He warns the public to be aware of those notes, especially for merchants to be very careful in case they might become victims of fake notes.

Mr Wanesiofa also called upon the police to take these issues into great consideration and see what they can do about it.

When contacted last week responsible department within CBSI said that they are not aware of the matter as there is no official report submitted to the bank about the new counterfeits.

The Bank is not ruling out the existence of fake money in the public but is aware that there are counterfeit notes circulating in the public and that people are strongly urged to report to CBSI is such issue arise.

The Bank emphasis that only CBSIU is the authorized body to record and confiscate such money, whether fake or not fake.

The Bank further stated that the growing popularity of advance digital printing machines has been an issue.

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