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7 Million still owed in the name of Peace    

A National Healing and Apology program held last year under the Ministry of National Unity Reconciliation & Peace (MNURP) before the 38th Independence has incurred outstanding debts of around 7 million dollars.

MNURP in an earlier Press Statement confirmed the debt the reconciliation program incurred, but claims the efforts are part of the Democratic Coalition for Change government’s plan to consolidate the peace efforts brought about by RAMSI in preparation for today’s post RAMSI era.

Documents received by Island Sun show MNURP confirming the debt and indicates the ministry could not come up with savings within its existing budget to meet the costs incurred which are inclusive of costs such as outstanding rental arrears for the program participants.

The six days Reconciliation program brought together provincial premiers, ex militants and representatives from the provinces to Honiara.

With an emerging budget pressure, SIG is struggling to meet its financial commitments on a day to day basis with its current fiscal situation.