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Prosecution to amend charge

THE case against a man charged with attempted murder is adjourned to July 27 allowing prosecution time to amend the charge as well as for a possible plea.

Yesterday the Prosecution told court that they need time to re-visit the charge against the accused on whether or not they will amend the charge of attempted murder before the accused could be arraigned.

This is in relation to the case against John Kebol in an incident that occurred at Sukiki village on the Weather-coast of Guadalcanal.

The Prosecution said the accused on June 13 2015 had an argument with his nephew regarding a bicycle, their argument heated up in which the accused intended to stab the victim with a kitchen knife.

The allegation said when the knife missed the victim all others who were present during the argument reacted and stoned the accused in which he fell to the ground and sustained injuries.

Office of the Director Public Prosecution prosecutes the matter in court.