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Varley dismiss article on MPs arrest influence

THE Police Commissioner has strongly dismissed Alfred Sasako’s article suggesting outside influence in delaying the arrest of MPs until a certain time.

Matthew Varley made the statement when questioned by the media in regards to the issue.

“I hear this question several times and Mr Sasako has been written this question a couple of times, and I have the same answer everytime.

“And I’ll say the same thing again today (yesterday) – that it is simply not true.

“I reject any suggestion that there is some sort of pressure or influence being placed on the police not to arrest the MPs,” he said.

Mr Varley said that currently there is a case before court of a minister who was charged a short time ago by RSIPF for corruption.

“I’d also say that we have a series of investigations on hand and that’s not a secret. And these investigations are complex and time consuming.

“As we conduct all these investigations we can refer all the cases to the Director of the Public Prosecution for review.

“And where the evidences is sufficient we can lay charges upon the DPP’s recommendations,” he said.

Mr Varley said there must be public record to look at the decision to lay charges on any person for criminal offense.

Adding that it is a matter for the police to do based on the advice of the DPP.

“So there is no ability for anyone to make that decision for the police and the DPP.

“That’s a matter for us and we investigate cases and we charge people based on the evidence and not based on any factor,” he said.