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Alleged killers deny allegations

TWO Malaita men alleged for killing a Chinese business couple this year have pleaded not guilty to the murder charges against them.

Their case was adjourned to July 17 for a short form preliminary inquiry.

The two accused Raymond Keota and Jimson Goufi appeared yesterday before Principal Magistrate Ricky Iomea and entered not guilty pleas to the two counts of murder against them.

Elizabeth Tito who appeared on behalf of Andrew Kelesi of the Public Prosecution told the court that the counsel responsible for the case will be available next week.

Upon hearing that the court adjourned to next week for the hearing of the SFPI.

Both men faced two counts of murder each in relation to the incident which occurred on April 15 this year.

Police alleged that the incident was a pre-planned one in which one of the accused was a security officer for the two deceased.

The allegation states that accused Keota turned up at about 8.30pm on April 15 at the LGZ shop as was planned with Goufi the security guard.

Police alleged that Goufi shut up all windows before he walked to the main door facing the road and from inside wind down the door.

The allegation further said that the accused Keota when he entered the shop wasted no time and attacked the male deceased who was busy with business papers.

Police alleged that Keota landed the knife twice on the victim before Goufi intervened and got hold of the same bush knife and repeatedly strike it on the victim, which subsequently landed him on the floor laying in a prone helpless condition

It was also alleged that Yuegui (wife), who was busy with her cooking heard something unusual at the shop and rushed to check.

When Keota saw her, he allegedly went straight to her at the Kaibar and attacked her with a kitchen knife.

It was the following morning when Goufi and other female workers of the shop went to work that they discovered the dead couple.

Police also alleged that it was Goufi who climbed the fence and went into the building and upon his return informed the female workers that the couples are lying dead inside the shop.

Lawyers from the Public Solicitor’s Office represents the two accused.

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