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Wednesday, July 12th, 2017


Getting the historical facts right

Dear Editor, THE Star newspaper published an article yesterday, Wednesday, entitled ‘RAMSI ends: what’s next for SI?’ written by Grant Wyeth and original published in the Diplomat. The article purported to give an overview of the formation of the nation from a ‘British colonial endeavour’ to the onset of the period beset by ethnic violence and the subsequent intervention of RAMSI in 2003. Because of the brevity of the article, it lacked many historical facts and it concerns me that those seeking to know the truth of what occurred inRead More

Climate action in the Pacific needs accelerating

Dear Editor, RADIO New Zealand International today (5 July 2017) reported that the Climate Action Pacific Partnership in Fiji has ended with Pacific leaders agreeing that climate action in the Pacific needs to be accelerated and that would be one of the critical issues that the Pacific would push for through Fiji’s presidency of COP23 in Bonn, Germany in November. Quoting RNZI “The Fiji Times said the agreement was reached by leaders at the end of the two-day Climate Action Pacific Partnership conference in Suva yesterday. “The draft action documentRead More

PACIFIC Seasonal Labour Scheme

ACCORDING to today’s Radio New Zealand International news bulletin, Wednesday 5 July 2017, the New Zealand government is looking to extend the Pacific seasonal labour scheme into sectors beyond horticulture. Quoting RNZI “The Recognised Seasonal Employer scheme, which brings in people from the Pacific Islands to work in orchards and vineyards for limited periods, is now 10 years old and involves 10,700 workers. “Foreign Minister Gerry Brownlee said that due to its success, the government approved $US7.3 million for a five-year period to explore what other sectors of the economyRead More

New Zealand to contribute $US4.4 million dollars for Multi-purpose facility in Honiara

ACCORDING to Radio New Zealand International news bulletins last week, New Zealand is to contribute up to $US4.4 million dollars for the redevelopment of a multi-purpose facility in the Solomon Islands capital, Honiara. It was reported that the NZ Deputy Prime Minister, Paula Bennett, said Honiara had a large population of young people and ensuring they had access to sporting and educational facilities was important for the country’s future. Ms Bennett was in Honiara for the celebrations marking the departure of the Regional Assistance Mission. She said the upgraded facilityRead More

Fake $100 notes again in circulation

THE public is urged to be very careful and to watch out for fake $100 notes that are currently circulating in the country. The fake notes can’t be identified by a simple glance due to it almost resembling the features of the real $100 notes, however one can identify it to be fake if they look thoroughly at them. Mr Kevin Wanesiofa said he identified the notes to be fake after somebody bought goods from him during a fund-raising held recently. He said upon receiving the notes from the unidentifiedRead More

Man awaits lawyer before arraignment

A man facing a charge of arson will take his plea on his next appearance date to allow his lawyer to be present in court. Jeffrey Walemae was charged for arson and was to be arraigned yesterday in the Magistrate Court, but since his lawyer was busy in High Court the case was adjourned to July 17. Mr Walemae when asked by the court on whether he is prepared to take his plea without his lawyer he nods his head indicating a no answer. Principal Magistrate Ricky Iomea then adjournedRead More

Inquiry into Lungga murder incident vacated

PRINCIPAL Magistrate Fatimah Taeburi has vacated the long form preliminary inquiry into a Lungga murder incident due to the magistrate set for the hearing having another commitment. Ms Taeburi told counsels from both the prosecution and defence that the hearing will not be possible on the said dates as the Chief Magistrate who set the date for hearing will be committed in another trial. She also said that if she is free on the said dates she is willing to preside over the case but due to her commitment onRead More

Court to deliver ruling on SFPI

THE Honiara Magistrate court will today deliver its ruling on the short form preliminary inquiry after the prosecution submitted the PI papers yesterday. Willie Maelafia was charged for an attempted murder charge in relation to an incident that occurred in Honiara on January 7 this year. He pleaded not guilty of the charge and a SFPI was conducted on the case. The accused was then further remanded in custody to appear in court today. The short form preliminary inquiry is for the court to decide whether or not it hasRead More

Alleged killers deny allegations

TWO Malaita men alleged for killing a Chinese business couple this year have pleaded not guilty to the murder charges against them. Their case was adjourned to July 17 for a short form preliminary inquiry. The two accused Raymond Keota and Jimson Goufi appeared yesterday before Principal Magistrate Ricky Iomea and entered not guilty pleas to the two counts of murder against them. Elizabeth Tito who appeared on behalf of Andrew Kelesi of the Public Prosecution told the court that the counsel responsible for the case will be available nextRead More

Do you know?

TIMES are hard. That much we all know about. It is evident everywhere today. What we do not know is what is going on in government behind the scene. There is plenty but no one is talking about that. For those in the know, there is a lot going on that we all know nothing about. In the eyes of officials, we are not entitled to know because we simply are outside the “know” circle. We do not know for example how some or all of these things work, particularlyRead More