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Wednesday, May 31st, 2017


Congratulations sipa on a remarkable turn around

SOLOMON Islands Ports Authority (SIPA) reportedly produced one of the finest results of corporate performance, posting a net profit of $122 million for the 2016 financial year. It’s a remarkable turn-around for the nation’s oldest State-Owned Enterprise (SOE). Only a matter of months back did the nation watch in horror the unfolding spectacle, spearheaded by none other than Colin Yow. Instead, he turned the reforms into a spending spree. The level of haemorrhaging (bleeding) he allowed had never before seen in the corporate history of the organisation. He was spending wildlyRead More

Christian Care Centre (CCC) yet to receive their share of $10,000

DEAR EDITOR, the Christian Care Centre (CCC) of the Anglican Church of Melanesia is yet to receive their share of $10,000 from the interim manager of Seif Ples, – Kim Abbey. This was revealed by a reliable source from the centre. In 2015, the interim manger appealed to the British High Commission (BHC) in Honiara to provide funding to support Seilf office and Clinic to purchase needed most needed items such as Sleigh room, Auto Clave Machine, Clinic trolleys, Washing Machine, Dryer, Drug and Filling Cabinet. A reliable source revealedRead More

Clarification and simplification of the mohms aims

DEAR EDITOR, as a volunteer English teacher for many years in Thailand I always practised being as concise and succinct as possible when teaching. I had many occasions to communicate some technical information to non-specific audiences and always asked myself whether every single word was necessary and whether it would be understood by students. Today, I read the article in the SUN newspaper regarding the address given to the World Health Assembly in Geneva by the Solomon Islands Minister of Health Services by Dr Kaitu’u Agikimua in respect of theRead More

Gift of four wheels chairs to the Kilu’ufi hospital and rural clinics

DEAR EDITOR, last weekend, the Premier of Malaita Province, the Hon Peter Ramohia, donated four wheel chairs to the Kilu’ufi Hospital. The Hon. Premier mentioned that eight wheel chairs had actually been donated to the Malaita Provincial Government and four were still to be distributed to clinics in the southern part of Malaita. The gift of 8 wheel chairs was made possible by Mr Johnny Sy, the Managing Director of Bulacan Logging Company, currently operating in Guadalcanal Province. Mr Sy, also the President of the SFA, is well known forRead More

UN Peacekeepers medal awards

DEAR EDITOR, the news that five members of the RSIPF deployed as part of the United Nations & African Hybrid Mission (UNAMID) as Peacekeepers have recently been awarded the UN Peacekeepers Medal reflects great credit on the individual policemen but also reflects more widely on the Solomon Islands contribution to the UN Mission. The protection of civilians is at the centre of the mission’s mandate, with the mission called upon to contribute to the protection of civilian populations under imminent threat of physical violence and prevent attacks against civilians, withinRead More

Tourism potential key driver of economic growth: Kubota

TOURISM could become a key driver of economic growth and can create opportunities for young people with unemployment challenges. The United Nations Development Programme Country Manager Ms Azusa Kubota said this last week. “They are the future of this nation and that is why it is so heartbreaking that youth unemployment is one of the most pressing problems for the Solomon Islands. “Some 45 percent of the country’s population between 15 and 29 years old is unstable to find gainful employment. “In preparation for the International Day of Peace inRead More

Corruption has negative impacts on sustainable growth and development: Maneka

MINISTER for National Unity, Reconciliation and Peace (MNURP), Hon Samson Maneka says corruption has negative impacts on sustainable growth and development in the country. Speaking during the provincial dialogue last week, he said that it is because of these negative impacts that his government is committed in its fight against corruption. “This year I tabled the National Anti-corruption Strategy (NACS) in the Parliament that the Parliament has fully support its implementation. “NACS encompasses the strengthening of national laws against corruption, the need to harmonise anti-corruption efforts across the public sector.Read More

Maneka commends NZ Gov’t for Nusa Tupe and Munda airports

MINISTER for National Unity, Reconciliation and Peace, Hon Samson Maneka has acknowledged the government of New Zealand for upgrading and tar sealing both Nusa Tupe and Munda airports in Western Province. He told Island Sun Gizo during his recent visit to Gizo that these are very crucial for tourism development. “I want to acknowledge the government of Australia, through the partnership between the Ministry of Culture and Tourism and Australia High Commission, for its commitment to further stimulate the tourism industry in the Western Province. “Tourism in Western Province hasRead More

New development approach prioritising LOs

A development initiative just might be the answer to the ailing development aspirations of the country. This concept focuses on the landowners, their resources and their interests. Honiara man, Mr Henry B Kahui made the statement during an interview with this paper yesterday. Mr Kahui said this initiative is an alternative to the current approach whereby resource owners are victimised through the exploitation of their resources with no viable returns. He added that currently the government is only serving its interests with its subsidiaries and leaving the resource owners onRead More

Credit Corp repossesses landing crafts

CREDIT Corporation (SI) Ltd has repossessed two landing crafts once owned by Blue Ocean Shipping Co Ltd, a move that could undermine Peter Boyers’ credibility as a fit and proper person to remain Chairman of the Solomon Islands National Provident Fund (SINPF). Mr Boyers is a director of Blue Ocean Shipping Co Ltd. Observers said pressure would be on the Minister of Finance and Treasury, Hon Snyder Rini, to revisit the issue of SINPF chairmanship. Mr Rini is still in Sydney for medical check-up at the St Vincent’s Hospital. Central toRead More