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Tourism potential key driver of economic growth: Kubota

TOURISM could become a key driver of economic growth and can create opportunities for young people with unemployment challenges.

The United Nations Development Programme Country Manager Ms Azusa Kubota said this last week.

“They are the future of this nation and that is why it is so heartbreaking that youth unemployment is one of the most pressing problems for the Solomon Islands.

“Some 45 percent of the country’s population between 15 and 29 years old is unstable to find gainful employment.

“In preparation for the International Day of Peace in September last year, youth leaders in the Solomon Islands declared their motto of unity ‘one people, one country, one future’. Therefore, young people want to be part of the solution and want to fully benefit from the development process, and be inspired,” said Ms Kubota.

She explained that young people want to be heard, want to be part of the solution and want to fully benefit from development process, and be inspired.

Most importantly, they want to demonstrate their commitment to a peaceful and prosperous Solomon Islands.

She said, “We have an ambitious programme last two days, covering a wide range of topics to be dialogued. But listening and dialoguing emerging for clear actions forward. This is not first time for the Western Provincial government to convene such an important gathering of its leaders and people.

“The two previous provincial dialogues held in Guadalcanal and Malaita, as a first step after this dialogue, therefore we would like to encourage the provincial dialogue task force to explore the possibility of establishing dedicated unit or personal under the office of the Premier to lead the design, coordinated and implementation of the provincial dialogue outcomes and follow-up actions.”