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New development approach prioritising LOs

A development initiative just might be the answer to the ailing development aspirations of the country.

This concept focuses on the landowners, their resources and their interests.

Honiara man, Mr Henry B Kahui made the statement during an interview with this paper yesterday.

Mr Kahui said this initiative is an alternative to the current approach whereby resource owners are victimised through the exploitation of their resources with no viable returns.

He added that currently the government is only serving its interests with its subsidiaries and leaving the resource owners on the losing end.

“Looking at wealth distributions of any development happen in the country involving people’s resources.

“Government and its subsidiaries take off the wealth from the resource owners whilst leaving them refugees of their own resources.

“This is a big issue the government needs to address. And for sure this is the reason resources owners usually wants to hold back their resources when taking about developments,” Mr Kahui said.

He pointed that replacing that development approach with a more tangible style of development that prioritises landowners in wealth distribution is what resource owners want.

“Because so far resource owners continue to actively engage in developments in the country, but still their rights over their resources continue to deny.

“And this is the reason development still becomes an issue in the country.

“By looking at these, I think the government should come up with a new development approach that could places the resource owners first than any others,” he said.