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Clarification and simplification of the mohms aims

DEAR EDITOR, as a volunteer English teacher for many years in Thailand I always practised being as concise and succinct as possible when teaching.

I had many occasions to communicate some technical information to non-specific audiences and always asked myself whether every single word was necessary and whether it would be understood by students.

Today, I read the article in the SUN newspaper regarding the address given to the World Health Assembly in Geneva by the Solomon Islands Minister of Health Services by Dr Kaitu’u Agikimua in respect of the work that has already begun on redefining the health system in the Solomons.

Dr Agikimua reportedly told his audience, “The new structure intends to break down the silos to allow for better integration of programmes and promote efficient use of limited resources.”

He added, ‘To improve coordination, transparency and equitable distribution of external support, a Partnership Coordination unit has been established within the Ministry of Health.”

It took my reading of a second article in the SUN, quoting Dr Agikimua, to get a more concise and succinct understanding of what it is intended to be done in reforming the Solomon Islands health system, in terms of the National Strategic Plan 2016-2020, but even then I was left wondering how many in the Solomon Islands really grasp the context and plans of health reform proposals.

My own views on the interpretation and understanding of the proposals outlined by the Ministry of Health might be wrong, but I guess there are more than a few that would appreciate a clearer picture of how universal health coverage is to be attained.

I have a great respect for the MOHMS and mean no disrespect to the Hon Minister of Health Services in raising my concerns while seeking to get a better understanding of an outlined health policy in less wordy language.

Yours sincerely