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Christian Care Centre (CCC) yet to receive their share of $10,000

DEAR EDITOR, the Christian Care Centre (CCC) of the Anglican Church of Melanesia is yet to receive their share of $10,000 from the interim manager of Seif Ples, – Kim Abbey. This was revealed by a reliable source from the centre.

In 2015, the interim manger appealed to the British High Commission (BHC) in Honiara to provide funding to support Seilf office and Clinic to purchase needed most needed items such as Sleigh room, Auto Clave Machine, Clinic trolleys, Washing Machine, Dryer, Drug and Filling Cabinet.

A reliable source revealed that as part of this appeal, an amount of $10,000 will be given to CCC to support the centre.

In response to the appeal the BHC provided a funding of $100,000 to Seilf Ples, thanks to BHC.

The interim Manager of Seif Ples informed the workers of CCC of their money.

However, despaired of fact that several calls were made to Seilf Ples in 2015, 2016 and 2017, the interim Manger is yet to hand over the funds to CCC.

Further a very reliable source revealed that none of the following items were purchased even though the money was received: Sleigh room, Auto Clave Machine and Clinic trolleys.

With regards to the Washing Machine, Dryer, Drug and Filling Cabinets, the Interim manager negotiated with RAMSI and their used items were transported to Seilf Ples for reuse.

Having said the above as a concern citizen of this nation I would like to see the institution/organisation responsible for recruiting the interim manager to undertake an internal investigation to establish the truth of the issue and report to all concern…..

This is very important to avoid doubts from people and possible future opportunists for using seilf ples, CCC and Gender Base Violence in this country as means of accessing funds for their own gain.

Further I would like to suggest for the interim manager to provide a full financial report to stakeholder on how the money she received from various fundraisings, donations (in name of Seilf Ples and GBV) before her term in office is completed.


Charles Mane

Concern Citizen

Point Cruz