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Thursday, May 18th, 2017


Rogavono community works on new method of planting sweet potato

TAIWAN Technical Mission’s project to improve food crops have introduced a new method which is workable to local farmers on East Guadalcanal. Local farmers in Rogavono village, mostly women have completed a training on new methods to plant sweet potato. The training was conducted by TTM Staff, Maurice Jui-Genghis, Mars Shiue and Willie Tuita from the Ministry of Agriculture. The new method is, one to two vain planting in ploughed rows which changes from the traditional option of mounting with four vain, and it has been workable since TTM firstRead More

St. Paul auki church to be rebuilt

THE ST.Paul church, Auki in the Anglican diocese of malaita will soon be rebuilt at a new site. Speaking to island sun in Auki, Kwaraáe fundraising group organising committee member Chris Angisirigi said the much anticipated fund raising plan kicked off two weeks ago. It began with a colourful food selling programme where close to a thousand people living around the township were also part of. He said the fund raising activity is purposely for the rebuilding of St Paul church building which has been proposed for more than 10Read More

WWF outlines Central Western Province Seascape Programme

THE World Wide Fund for Nature-Solomon Islands and the WWF-Solomon Islands have outlined the over view of their programme in the Western Province. The overview of the programme is called ‘Central Western Province Seascape Program’. During a brief presentation at the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Western Provincial government on Friday, WWF CBFM Program Coordinator Mrs Minne Rafe Ifuto’o said WWF is working on three different integrated transformation strategies in implementing their system in the Province. Mrs Ifuto’o said the three different integrated transformation strategies are GoodRead More

Maepio speaks high of WWF

WESTERN Province Premier Wayne Maepio has congratulated the World Wide Fund for Nature-Solomon Islands and WWF-Solomon Islands for successfully signing an (MOU) with his government on Friday. He also thanked the WWF for initiating the overview of the Central Western Province Seascape Programme. “This is another historical teamwork for the government and the people of the Western Province.” “This will continue to reflect and allow working together with the provincial government, the World Wide Fund for Nature-Solomon Islands and WWF-Solomon Island to conserve our entire environment, “he added. “Not onlyRead More

Vaccination is worth it: WHO officer

A Partner’s Morning Tea meeting officiated by the Health Ministry, UNICEF (United Nations Children’s Fund) and WHO (World Health Organization) took place yesterday. The meeting serves to act as a platform for partners to communicate and engage in discussions regarding their ideas on how everyone can contribute towards working on improving immunization rates. WHO communications officer, Ms Anna Smyrk delivered a presentation about a KAP (A knowledge, Attitude and Practice) survey that was carried out in Malaita Province. She explained that their key findings were based on feedback on areasRead More

SINU and Taiwan’s university looks at collaboration

A delegation of scientists led by Associate Professor Yu-Chun Wang of Chung Yuan Christian University (CYCU) visited the Solomon Islands National University on May 16. The visit opened opportunities for the delegation to have a dialogue with Acting Vice Chancellor Professor Basil Shelton Marasinghe on the ways Chung Yuan Christian University and SINU can collaborate. Associate Professor Wang of the Department of Environmental Engineering (CYCU) says her Department can work together with Department of Environmental Science of the School Natural Resources and Applied Sciences (SNRAS) of SINU in a numberRead More

Rick Hou attends the Mala Mwaimwei Chiefs Summit

MEMBER of Parliament for Small Malaita, Rick Hou has attended the Mala Mwaimwei Council of Chiefs Summit which took place at Afio Station from 19 to 20 April 2017. In a statement, the Ouou Inemauri of Mala Mwaimwei Council of Chiefs acknowledged the presence of Hon Rick Hou and his continuous support towards the Council of Chiefs meetings more especially for funding the current meeting. The statement said that, in one of the sessions Hon Rick Hou made an awareness for the chiefs based on the SMC Infrastructure Development ProgrammeRead More

Government taskforce to deal with urban squatter settlements

RADIO New Zealand International (RNZI) in a news bulletin yesterday, Wednesday, 17 May, announced that the Solomon Islands Government has created a taskforce to deal with squatter settlements in an around Honiara. RNZI said the taskforce was established following recent unrest to the west of the city after police tried to enact a court order and evict squatters from land belonging to a local company. The news bulletin went on to add that the taskforce was gathering data to inform government’s future policies and actions. While it is the government’sRead More

Road traffic enforecement in Honiara

VETERAN journalist, Alfred Sasako, writing in the Sun newspaper yesterday, Wednesday 17 May, writes about the ongoing traffic gridlock in Honiara caused by drivers, including bus drivers and taxis. Mr Sasako cites driver’s lack of knowledge of the traffic rules and blatant disregard for road safety especially by bus drivers who fail to keep their vehicles to the left and often swerve at the last minute to swerve from the right to stop on the left. There is also some implied criticism of the police for failing to enforce theRead More

Melanesian Council of Arts and Culture to meet in Honiara

THE Melanesian Council of Arts and Culture will be in the country for a meeting at the end of this month. Director of the Culture Division under the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, Dennis Marita confirmed this to Island Sun yesterday when asked on preparations towards the Melanesian festival to be hosted next year. He said the council meeting is purposely to oversee areas relating to the show. Mr Marita said the meeting is very important towards the show as it will determine what the festival of arts and cultureRead More