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WPG slowly addressing shortage of Staff house issue

WESTERN Provincial Government Minister of Planning Hon Carlos Kesiana assures provincial workers that his Ministry is working on addressing the issue regarding shortage of Staff houses for the province.

According to the Minister, within a quarter of the PCDF Budget yearly will always be for Staff houses and its infrastructures.

“It is the plan of the government to work on this issue and that every year must have the budget for its progress,” said the Minister.

“We have already started building Staff houses at Seghe, Noro and in Gizo.

Fencing and so around the house compound area of the Provincial Secretary (PS) is also taking place and once work there is complete, a new house for the Premier will be built because the current one on which Hon Wayne Maepioh lives in is already badly rotting,” he said.

“The Provincial Government needs to build more houses for its Staff so the budget and work plan is continuing progressively,” added the Minister.