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Neurosurgeon performs lifesaving operation on 5 year old child

Dr Lee with the five-year old after the operation

A neurosurgeon from Taiwan has saved the life of five year old boy who was seriously injured after falling down from a tree.

Dr Kung-Shing Lee a resident doctor for the Taiwan Health Centre on July 10 performed a brain operation on the boy who was admitted at the National Referral Hospital.

According to a statement from the Taiwan Health Centre, the 5-year-old boy fell from a 2 meter high tree and hit his forehead against dirty rocks.

The accident happened on July 7 at night and

From the fall that he encountered on the night of July 7, blood came oozing out from his forehead with an open laceration wound and a depressed forehead noted later.

The boy was then sent to the National Referral Hospital (NRH) immediately, and given first aid to control the bleeding.

However, due to no neurosurgeon available, the boy was admitted at the ward.

Fortunately, Dr Lee quickly checked the boy and performed a brain operation on him two days later.

“After general anesthesia the open depressed fracture was repaired, wound debridement and cranioplasty.”

Now the five-year old boy has recovered well and can walk postoperatively.

He was discharged on 15th July without relevant complications,” the Taiwan Health Centre said.

In the mean time, Dr Lee will conduct another major operation this week to a child who was admitted at the NRH for quite a long time now.

Equipment for the operation are already at the NRH having been sent in from Taiwan.

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