Tutu church expected to complete before June: Chairman Takaku

TUTU Community at Northwest Choiseul will soon have its church building complete before June the suggested month for the church opening.

This is according to Chairman Mr Leo Takaku.

He said the effectiveness of work is mainly due to the community contributions in feeding and helping builders when required.

According to Chief Ambrose Dodebatu of Voruvoru zone reporting on the progress of the first pace of their church building project, its total breakdown cost so far reached SBD$41,000.

He also said that the second pace to complete the building would also be another $41,000.

“The contractor, Mr John Kinikana with his boys completed the first pace of the building from foundation to putting on the roof for 12 days,” said Chief Dodebatu.

“The second pace will cover the cement floor, walling, the alter extension and a small tower to be erected at the front,” he said.

“For the second pace, Tutu Community will make cash contributions and send letters for donations to cover the total cost to complete the church building.

“The community are ready to accept and thank anyone who has a kind heart to help them,” he added.