Family Protection Bill labelled a cultural mockery

FAMILY breakup, anti-social behaviour and extra marital affairs experienced now are being described as a direct result of the family protection bill (FPA).

A local, who requested his name withheld, has rise concerns that the FPA, introduced by foreigners to our leaders and passed by the Parliamentarians on the parliament floor, is a result family social issues.

A respected leader in East Honiara said that during the 70s and 90s, these practices were not common compared to nowadays.

“You hardly see people playing around with their marriages, everybody respects their spouses up until the introduction and the passing of this controversial bill.”

“this bill allows a man or a woman to do what he or she wants and there is no stopping them and also the act has given them the right to do anything and there is no limit to what someone wants to do, which does not allow our custom to rule.”

He described this as a total mockery to our culture and Christian beliefs.

“What we are experiencing now is an opposite of our culture and it is killing us instead of helping our citizens in living a respectable and enjoyable life you will see a lot of deaths happening now i just because of these problems.”

He is calling on the DCCG to work on getting rid of this bill in the parliament and appeals to all citizens to hold our hands together as Solomon Islanders and rule our nation according to our culture and traditional norms rather than working on foreign concepts degrading and belittling our status.

Meanwhile, it is reported that last week Police arrested a male after he was suspected of brutally beating his ex-wife and causing the death of an unborn 8-months-old baby; the woman’s health is still unstable.