Vehicle collisions in Honiara over the festive season

DEAR EDITOR, I am somewhat puzzled by a report in the Island Sun in recent days in which the Director of Traffic of the Kukum based Traffic Department said there had been four major vehicle accidents on Honiara’s main road over the festive season.

He went on to say, “this indicates road users are paying attention to the traffic rules”.

He also added, “By comparison, this means that people are adhering to traffic rules and complying with traffic regulations.”

I might be sounding a little cynical because unless the story was wrongly reported in the press statement, is the Director of Traffic not concerned that four major traffic accidents, involving collisions, is four too many in such a short period of festivities, or, indeed, in Honiara, at any time of the year?

The spate of accident collisions does not conform to my idea of traffic enforcement and road safety rules and regulations.

Yours sincerely