Continuous illegal water connection

THE practice of illegal water connection is continuing and concerned citizens of Honiara are urging Solomon Water to step up in their investigations to stop the practice.

More interestingly, locals also claim to see few Officers belonging to Solomon Water accepting bribes from certain locals to allow them to continue with their illegal water connections.

Local citizens are demanding that Solomon Water put a stop to such illegal practice because it is not fair for others paying water bills.

Recently, a concerned local also posted on the Forum Solomon Islands International (FSII) claiming that he is a witness as well to an illegal water connection in Mbokonavera 1 where he has recently moved in to rent.

He said he called Solomon Water many times to deal with the matter but to this date, there has not been any sign of response or action taken place over his report.

“A Solomon Water employee came and saw the connection himself. I saw he spoke with the person doing the illegal connection but surprisingly, the two only settled the situation on agreeing for a bribe to have the connection illegally continue,” said the concerned local.

“I hate this practice because it is unfair and illegal. Who else can be contacted at Solomon Water to have these people brought to justice and stop the illegal connection,” he questioned.

Attempts to catch up with Solomon Water responsible Officers to discuss over the situation was unsuccessful yesterday before this paper went for print.

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