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Third Twin Otter to ease airlines schedule problems

Solomon Airlines board Chairman, Austine Holmes

SOLOMON Airlines Board of Chairman Mr Austin Holmes said the third twin otter now certified and flying should ease the airlines problem in keeping up to its schedules.

This is in the airfield to the domestic market.

Mr Holmes said this during the welcome ceremony organised by the Solomon Islands Chamber of Commerce and Industries (SICCI) in collaboration with Solomon Airlines for the airlines new CEO Mr Brett Gerbers.

He said there are the additional problems needed of more pilots, and more engineers for maintenance and so on but the situation is looking good.

“We need a little more time to catch up, clean out the place and put everything back in place before we can say that we are equivalent to other international airlines especially on time,” said Mr Holmes.

“I am talking especially about time performance, and that is on plane arrival, time flying and taking off,” he said.

“Last year we had a few incidents in which the airlines had maintenance done on the airbus as well as the Dash 8.

“The biggest impact was on the Dash 8 because there was extended maintenance in which we could not put it back on schedule being late on our timing,” he added.

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