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GPG condemns Guadalcanal killings and alcoholism

THE rate of homicide in Guadalcanal is alarming and a reflection of sick society.

All efforts for peaceful and secure communities for men, women and child by government authorities, churches and civil societies are futile.

Guadalcanal Premier Hon Anthony Veke, on behalf of the provincial executive, joins other individuals, government agencies, women groupings, church organisations and other civil societies in condemning barbaric killings on Guadalcanal in the strongest term.

Premier Veke said he understood people will be commenting that such condemnation statement will do no good in help curbing the current rise of homicide in Guadalcanal.

“However, such public rebuttal statements are needed to show our support to victims and to portray that we as civilised people of this century do not entertain wild animal like behaviour in our communities.

“General observation has it that almost all homicide cases in Guadalcanal are alcohol related.

“Be it factory-brewed or locally home-brewed, alcohol is alcohol and its consumption is undeniably the major cause of killings and other anti-social problems.

“My government will be seeking legal advice and public opinions on some drastic action measures against alcoholism and alcohol presence, storage and consumption in Guadalcanal Province. Tougher stringent measures will be implemented to curd alcoholism in Guadalcanal communities.”


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